About Me

Hi! I am a reformed book keeper who had my creative spirit re-ignited a couple of years ago when I attended some craft workshops in Roe Valley Arts and Cultural centre in Limavady run by a few of the many talented craftspeople who inhabit this corner of Northern Ireland.

I have dabbled with willow and played with wire, I’ve crocheted and knitted, tried patchwork and clay but Woolly Wild Folk only came about when I discovered needle felting and the buzz of seeing little creatures coming to life in my hands using nothing but fluff and a needle!

This magical and highly addictive craft requires no patterns (Yay!), requires no expensive materials or equipment, uses natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials and is the most forgiving craft I have ever come across! 

So I want to share the joy  ❤ ?!

So welcome all to my website, have a look around and see if I can entice or inspire you to try something or buy something new !