Our Story


My name is Carolyn Faith and I am a reformed book keeper. I have the good fortune to be living in the beautiful Roe Valley which bridges the gap between the legendary Causeway Coast and the wildness of the Sperrin Mountains.

I had my creative spirit re-ignited in 2016 when I attended some craft workshops run by a few of the many talented craftspeople who inhabit this corner of Northern Ireland. 

I have dabbled with willow and played with wire, I’ve crocheted and knitted, tried patchwork and clay but Woolly Wild Folk only came about when I discovered needle felting and the buzz of seeing little creatures coming to life in my hands using nothing but fluff and a needle!

So I started to make animals, then I sold a few, then some more. I tested the waters at a few Christmas Craft Fairs, then the Roe Valley Speciality Market, Naturally North Coast & Glens Market and some online marketplaces….things grew slowly and there were many disappointments along the way but a Faith never gives up! Thran they call us but I prefer to call it quiet determination.

In addition to the above my felt creations can be found in Derry Designer Makers and Above and Beyond the Warehouse in Derry and in No 6 Queen Street, Coleraine and a selection of my wool roving can be found in Row by Roe, Drumceatt Square, Limavady.

Since 2018 I have ventured into providing workshops in the private and community sectors so I can spread my enthusiasm for this wonderful craft and I find this enormously rewarding. As I was unable to find materials locally I now hold a stock of felting wools and equipment which I sell through the markets, workshops, online and from home.

Needle felting is magical and highly addictive, requires no patterns (Yay!), expensive materials or equipment, uses natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials and is the most forgiving craft I have ever come across! 

So I want to share the joy  ❤ ?!

So welcome all to my website, have a look around and see if I can entice or inspire you to try something or buy something new !

Carolyn x