Triangular Felting Needles


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It’s all coming together…

To get all your wool to come together you’re going to need some of these! 

I carry 3 gauges of individual needles:

32 gauge – coarse.

36 gauge – medium

38 gauge – fine

These three have been sufficient for everything I needed to do so I hope they will also be all you need.

A note of warning: these needles are brittle and can easily break with improper use. As a general rule your in and out stroke when stabbing should be in the same line e.g. straight down followed by straight up rather than straight down, then up at angle. Breakages are annoying, but if you leave a broken needle in your work you may not be able to gift or sell it.

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32 coarse, 36 medium, 38 fine

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1, 3, 5, 10


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